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New vel’oh ! station inaugurated at BGL BNP Paribas

New vel’oh ! station inaugurated at BGL BNP Paribas

On Tuesday, 11 May 2010, François Bausch, the City of Luxembourg’s First Deputy Mayor in charge of mobility and Eric Martin, Country Head BNP Paribas and Chairman of the Management Board, BGL BNP Paribas, inaugurated the new vel’oh! self-service rent-a-bike station at the bank’s Kirchberg site in the presence of Thierry Schuman, member of the Management Board of BGL BNP Paribas and Head of Country Human Resources. The ceremony followed the signature last December 16 of an agreement between the City of Luxembourg and BGL BNP Paribas under which the bank agreed to pay the full cost of installing the station.


Installation of this vel’oh! station by a private-sector business is a world first for self-service rental bicycles. Of all the major European capitals currently offering such networks, Luxembourg is the first to implement cooperative agreements with the private sector, be it for installation of a vel’oh! station or distribution of a Jobkaart vel’oh! pass to employees. “We are delighted with our partnership with BGL BNP Paribas and welcome the opportunity to work together on a truly innovative project that promotes soft mobility in the heart of our capital,” commented François Bausch. “We’re convinced that this project will be warmly welcomed by the clients and staff of the bank and that other businesses – and even other cities – will want to follow suit.”


The move is a new illustration of BGL BNP Paribas’s ongoing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and promote employee health at the workplace. Eric Martin commented: “When the idea of installing a vel’oh! station at the BGL BNP Paribas site was first floated about a year ago, bank management was on board immediately. This ground-breaking project is a perfect reflection of our policy of promoting sustainable development and strengthening our commitment to societal and environmental responsibility.”


The new “BGL BNP Paribas Kirchberg” station is within easy reach of the Bricherhaff and Kiem stations. This makes it a perfect extension of the self-service rent-a-bike network operated by the City of Luxembourg, which currently counts 54 stations.


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